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Send valentine roses & romantic flowers a gift of love

Traditional long stemmed fragrant red roses are a long standing valentines day flower favourite evoking passion and love.

Send valentines flowers delivery included, no more to pay.

Please be sure to order your valentine flowers well in advance as valentines day is the busiest day of the year for florists who are nearly always booked out well in advance, you should order valentines flowers for delivery at least two day prior. 

Love valentine card message comment greeting ideas

  • A single red rose, from your secret admirer!
  • A token of my love 4u!
  • Thinking of you from far away, wishing we could be together on this special day!
  • Because of your love for me the world is a much brighter place, here is little sunshine in return, happy valentines!
  • The big day has arrived. The big night is still to come. Happy valentine darling!
  • Just because I love you!
  • Sending you all of my love!
  • From my fluttering heart to the fluttering wings of an angel!
  • You are, my love, my everything, my angel!
  • Your the reason, for the joy, the love, the everything!
  • A dozen red roses, from me to you, guess who!

Valentines flower choice

Traditionally roses of different colours express different flower meanings for your valentines gift of love

Valentines Day is traditionally a romantic holiday to express new love, a secret desire, and for lovers to celebrate true love and passion.

In modern times different flowers can be used, but for the true traditionalist rose flower colours can be used in the true tradition of St Valentines Day to to express the nature of your feelings so as to get your valentines gift and its real meaning or depth of fun, romance and passion just right.

Traditionally a valentines gift of red roses on the day go hand in hand as traditionally red roses are for true love, mutual feelings that need to be expressed, couples in love and passionate lovers. As such we avoid giving red roses to friends on Valentine's Day as this would convey the wrong meaning or different colours are also ideal if you want to play it cool with your new love or want to send a fun valentine gift to test the water with the object of your desire, that special someone who hasn't yet got the hint as to how you truly feel about them.

The meaning of Valentines Rose different colours, Secret Desire, New Love, True Love, Passion.

Modern Valentines Day

Modern Valentines Day and is an opportunity for lovers to send a romantic gift of love declaring their affection to the one that they love, and for secret admirers to show their hand and send a clue as to the identity of the secret admirer, to the one that the secret admirer desires, but have not yet declared openly their feelings, giving secret admirers to opportunity to take a chance and see if the person that they feel affection for feels the same way. Roses are the traditional modern day valentine gift.

Valentine's Roses - Traditionally Roses of different colours express different flower meanings

Valentines Day is traditionally a lovers holiday, Valentine roses and red roses go hand in hand as traditionally red roses are for lovers. As such we avoid giving red roses to friends on Valentines Day as this would convey the wrong meaning.

Other rose colours still have a place on Saint Valentines day though.

Where is Valentines day Celebrated?

Valentines Day is on February 14th every year in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France... and most countries worldwide.Send Valentines Flowers International, simply select the destination using the drop down menu at the top of this page

What is Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is Celebrated on February 14th in honour of Saint Valentine the patron saint of lovers who was believed martyred on February 14th. 

February 14 was also chosen for the Valentine's Day because of the popular European belief that birds began to look for a mate from February 14.