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Only roses & rose's included flower arrangements, made florist fresh by local florist, with cheap local delivery available all over Australia.

An enduring and romantic classic a gift of only roses priced from $35.90 wrapped or in a vase or container as indicated included.

Radiating aromatic rose perfume rose flowers make the ideal choice to send someone to make the biggest impression. A gift of love where less is more and simplicity is perfection, mixed colour long and short stemmed rose buds also come in stunning eye catching combinations of mixed flowers and colours to make a big and beautiful impression. A popular choice for valentines day roses also make a good choice for life's important events, to make a big impression, as a gift of love and for important anniversaries for those closest to you.

Traditionally different coloured roses infer a meaning: Red roses are a long standing favourite cut flower that evoke's romance passion and love: multiples of one dozen red roses being the ultimate they're the lovers valentine gift and the ultimate expression of love. ideal to use for valentines day rose's and special anniversary gifts. 

Roses traditional meaning's by colour

  • Citrus or orange roses express desire.
  • Red roses signify love and romance
  • Pastel light pink roses can express admiration or sympathy.
  • Purple roses signify falling in love at first sight.
  • Shocking hot pink candy pink roses express gratitude and appreciation.
  • Saffron yellow roses express friendship and joy.
  • Snow white roses infer reverence and humility.