Lily Flower Arrangements

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Send Carnation lily flower arrangements with cheap delivery Australia wide.

As well as having asthmatic peal for their natural beauty lilies are seen as a divine flower of heaven and a symbol of purity.

We have lots of flower arrangements that include lilies our arrangements that include lilies come in various styles to suite different needs you can order bouquets with lilies for presentation, lily flowers in a vase handy for the work place, hospital or as a gift of flowers with an extra special touch, we also have lilies presented in a gift box of flowers.

As well as looking very pretty lilies come in a range of colours and tones making them very adaptable from pastel to bright pink Stargazer lilies, Casablanca white, Arum white peace lilies, light green, orange, yellow and even variegated lilies.

Dating back to ancient Roman times, lilies were eaten and used in medicine. Lily flowers were used as sacred symbols and offered to the goddesses Venus, Diana and Juno.

Legend says  that one day the ‘Queen of the Gods’ Juno, was nursing Hercules her son and milk fell from her breast and the milk that fell into the sky created the Milky Way while the milk that fell to earth created white lilies.

The Romans soon made lilies a divine flower and related them to the Christian Church were the lilies were associated with virgin saints, and so lilies were seen as a flower of heaven and a symbol of purity.